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Underdog Media


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Underdog believe that great ideas should'nt have to be restricted to boundaries of a singular medium, theres nothing worse than when one idea is interpreted in conflicting ways by different people diluting the concept across it's different media. The difference at Underdog is that all of their staff are specialists in their fields but share one thing in common; versatility. By combining the skills of their in-house team, they can guarantee that an idea is executed to its fullest potential. The above showreel has secured them business from Miss Sixty, Buddist Punk, Criminal Clothing, Charles Worthington, CAT and the London Arts Council.

Financial Times - WINNER

FT Video Player

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UK Daily view, video shot from their offices and delivered online daily. Recent tops include: Mobile World Congress and Dubai Air Show.
In Flash


Cadburys Gorilla

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Astream is a pioneer in Video Viral starting with the most successful campaign to date. The recent cadbury's gorilla campaign is a huge global success (Million of video views) with the web video even getting picked up by the convential media e.g BBC News 24
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