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The Criteria
Quality, innovation, integration, narrowband & broadband use.

Submissions: A total of 60 events from a wide range of webcasting companies.

Anders Nilsson of Fronto Media Group, Sweden
Cait Hurley of Freeserve, UK
Gilbert Cattoire of Le Repaire, France

Best B2B application of streaming
Best B2C application of streaming
Best Use of Streaming Media

Nominees B2B:

USA Video Interactive - Pitney Bowes
Mannering Partnership - Lemon TV
Igloo Software Launch - Tornado Productions

WINNER OF B2B - USA Video Interactive

Nominees B2C

Olympics coverage - Kamera
Tiger In the park - Globix
Madonna Concert - Mediawave

WINNER - Mediawave

Nominees "best use of streaming media"

Wish you where here - Pearson Television
BT Openworld 'Zinestream' - Tornado Productions
Economist - Westminster Digital

WINNER - Pearson Television

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